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The top skincare routine hack: starting young

It’s official.

Skincare routines have become a beloved practice in our lives. Through the internet gifting us with a major selection of beauty blog content, Tik Tok skincare tutorials (see @alyaskin for the latest) and Youtube ingredient breakdowns, we are spoiled for choice. 

This has not only allowed us to live our best lives in our self care, but to try products and combinations that are actually designed for our skin types and concerns (love this for us!). It’s also helped us to kickstart our skincare journeys at a younger age, as we’re now armed with the best tips and tricks to look after our skin, keep it dewy and nourished for days, which as experts universally agree, will make a huge difference to us later on in life!

But how can starting your skincare when you’re young be super beneficial when you’re older? Keep reading to find out (after applying Australia’s favourite 6 step routine of course!)  

It can prevent annoying skin issues, which is way better than trying to reverse them

When we are going through puberty, there’s a lot happening, and this is no different when it comes to our skin. Many of us will face the daily battle against acne and clogged pores (sigh). Others will find that the texture and natural oiliness of their skin might change almost instantly overnight, leaving them with dryer or more combination skin (double sigh). But amidst those unpredictable wtf (what the face) moments, this is an important time that allows us many opportunities to form next level habits for our skin and even find ways to help it thrive. Having a skincare routine when we are younger can support the ever changing needs of our skin, so that any current issues we have can be resolved or improved, preventing further ones as it begins to age.   

Good skincare things can come to those who wait. Then apply their routine. Then wait some more.

Skincare is a waiting game, but being consistent and patient with your skin will allow it to make better improvements and forge ahead fabulously. Starting at a young age gives you more time to experiment on what you respond to well and be able to start your skin routine for an actual long haul. Depending on what your #skingoals and desires are you might see results within weeks or even months depending on the products you use and how effective they are. So the earlier you start the less time you will have to spend working on decades of neglected or malnourished skin (something that can be tougher to improve on the longer you wait!).

The younger you start, the younger you will look in the future.

We touched on this earlier but starting your skincare routine when you’re younger will do wonders in the anti ageing department. Whilst there are a bunch of factors that contribute to how our skin ages, your skincare routine is something that you can do each day to make a strong impact. The older we get, the more moisture and brightness our skin is looking for, so being able to combat this early will leave our skin smoother, more hydrated and ready for the future!

If you are looking for a 10 minute skin boost to add into your routine whenever you decide to start one, our 5 star Pink Clay Mask is the perfect choice! The mask is Australian made, featuring natural Australian Kaolin Clay, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It works to clear stubborn blemishes, fight redness and illuminate your complexion - bit of a multitasker (and an overachiever!). Oh and did we mention that it’s vegan and 100% cruelty free? We didn’t earn the title of Australia’s highest rated Pink Clay Mask for nothing! Check out our Pink Clay mask now to change the game for your skin and your skincare routine. 

You can glow and get it today from our website!

Bondi Boost

Product Description

Designed with both nylon tip and vegan tufted bristles, the Detangling Hair Brush leaves uncomfortable hair tugging behind. With a non-slip handle, you’ll have complete control to glide through your knots, giving your hair its main character moment. 


  • Assists to distribute your conditioner through your hair whilst in the shower 
  • 100% Vegan Made

    Packaging Slogans 
    Break Up With Bad Hair
    We’re rooting for you 
    Our hair transforming products will see you now...

    Warning: This box contains a hair goal achieving kit
    Magic but make it haircare

Paola & Joy

Top tips from an interior designer

When it comes to styling a home, there’s nobody who understands creating a space that executes design exquisitely quite like interior designers.

We had the opportunity to interview Mary Cameron, an interior designer who’s been in the game for more than 25 years and definitely knows her fair share of interior design do’s and don’ts. We asked her to share some of her most important discoveries when it comes to space and styling.

Which colours make a home environment feel smaller?

When it comes to colour, less is always more. This is true even for the most daring colour palettes! No matter what the colour scheme of a room is, it’s important you strike the perfect balance between ‘statement’ and ‘refined sophistication’.

Obnoxiously conflicting colours are a big no, no! Carefully selecting colours that are in harmony with one another gives the room a very calming energy. When your eyes wander around a room, every unique detail should stand out. You know you’ve gone overboard when you’re not able to take in the beautiful details of a room. Each piece tells a story, and that story can only be heard when there is harmony in your interior design.

What are some interior design do’s and don’ts to avoid?

I tend to avoid trends when it comes to styling my clients' homes. If you have an unlimited budget, then that’s a completely different story. You may be in a position where you can afford to constantly be updating all your pieces as the trends change. However most of my clients seek my help to create spaces that will withstand the testament of time.

Although interior design is constantly evolving and innovating, there are a few timeless principles that still ring true today. A soothing colour palette, brimming with hues of whites, creams and darker nudes not only inspires a sense of serenity and peace within your surroundings, it also inflates the perception of the environment’s size. The absence of a myriad of conflicting colours and patterns is so important when it comes to creating beautiful interior spaces.

With Minimalist Interior Design taking off, how can you execute it so a space still feels like a home?

No matter what your colour scheme is, plants are always a good idea, particularly when you have a very light colour scheme as they help avoid the room looking too sterile.

One thing I absolutely love in any space is an arrangement of nature held in a beautiful vase. This really can tie a whole room together, and the effect is absolutely gorgeous! Depending on your taste, you may love the effect of dried florals that sit in a textured white vase, such as the Juliet. Or alternatively, if you’re looking for some natural colour in the room, some greenery in a pot as gorgeous as the Bernadita is your way to go. This subtle touch of colour can do wonders for making a space feel like home.

If you’re finding a room looking a bit too plain and it has that clinical look you want to avoid, it may be needing some texture. My favourite way to mix things up is by adding a crisp and textured vase such as the Yaniva as a stand alone piece. Add some dried florals or leave it empty. This piece is undeniably gorgeous regardless of what’s in it.

So there you have it! Some top do’s and don’t from an interior designer. As the world continues forward, interior design moves with it. The array of strategies to enhance a space within your environment progresses and is ever changing, but when it comes down to it the fundamentals of high quality design seem to withstand the testament to time, much like Mary Cameron’s interior design style!

The Vanity Haircare

We are SO excited to finally be able to share our exciting news with you all! If you just read that and thought we were about to announce we’re having a baby… well you’re not totally wrong. We’re launching our haircare brand! Welcome to The Vanity Haircare.

When The Vanity was just a concept, we had two ideals in mind: We wanted to offer salon quality products without the prosperous price tag, and we wanted to make sure that they were Australian made. The unique challenges of these difficult times have had an enormous strain on our beautiful country. It was one of our top priorities to ensure that when we say Australian made, we mean Australian made. Not only are our premium ingredients sourced from Australia, our manufacturing, packaging and distribution is all kept here too. We wanted to play a small part in helping Australia get back on track, so it was important to us that we did everything we could to do so.

We are founded and run by a sister/best friend duo: Kaitlin and Taylor. The fact that we have two passionate women at the forefront of every decision we make as a brand, means that the real issues we all face when it comes to our haircare have been thought of every step of the way. What else is important to us? Fur babies! That’s why all of our products are 100% cruelty free and ideal for you if animal welfare is something that is important to you.

With 10 years of experience as a renowned hairdresser in Sydney, Australia, it’s safe to say that our co-founder Kaitlin, knows everything there is to know about premium haircare products. Her excellent reputation among those in Sydney who truly care about their hair, means you can trust that all these products have her stamp of approval. Kaitlin is renowned for her incredible colouring of blondes. Her vision for this brand was always to create products that she genuinely trusted to use on her clients. Products that she knew would uphold the integrity of the colours and toners that she had garnered such a remarkable reputation for. That’s why all of our haircare is organic, they have absolutely NO nasties in them, are most definitely NOT tested on animals and are 100% suitable for vegans!

You know when you leave a good hairdresser and your hair feels healthy, looks shiny and smells like a dream? This is the experience we wanted to put in a bottle for you all. So that’s exactly what we’ve done! All of our products are made using only the highest quality of ingredients, so you can give your hair the love it deserves with every wash. If you have colour or toner throughout your hair, you don’t need to worry anymore if your products are your friend or foe. We have several haircare products that are specifically designed to ensure your coloured hair thrives!

We cannot wait to share more exciting details with you! Follow us on instagram @thevanityhaircare to be a part of our exciting journey and be the first to hear about our updates. We’re looking forward to sharing our beautiful products with you, and seeing all of your fabulous hair shine!

Sunday Paws


Tail wagging good 

For the goodest doggo on the block

Teaching old dogs new tricks

Making Tails Wag Since 2020

Kind is cool

The BB Women’s T-shirt is your one stop shop for all things fun, kindness and quality. Made with 100% breathable cotton, proudly printed and designed in Australia with worldwide shipping, this tee is built to last for the everyday person wishing to spread a little kindness in their day and make a positive impact. 

Featuring our mantra “Kind is Cool” in a personalised cursive font, the BB tee keeps things simple with designs in black or white and a signature crew neck for casual or formal change makers to style however they wish. It is also size inclusive for everyone to wear, ranging from sizes XS-2XL with other designs available up to 5XL, because inclusivity is of utmost importance to us!    

This t-shirt practices what it preaches with $2 from each item purchased going towards our partner charity Bully Zero to provide education and support for schools navigating bullying. It is ethically sourced, made with love and packaged in biodegradable bags that will biodegrade within 180 days of creation. With the BB Women’s T-shirt you can show kindness towards others, towards the planet and look great whilst doing it. After all, kindness is cool! 

For the love of Pampas

For Love Of Pampas is an earth influenced, natural homewares and dried florals brand based in Florida, USA. It was launched in 2019 in New York by husband and wife Misha and Marina Bezgin, to share their passion for minimalistic home decor and natural plant arrangements with kindred spirits all over America. By 2021 For Love Of Pampas moved south to achieve the expansion of its plans.

Pampas grass is the plant that the business started with. It was once popular decades ago, being seen in elegant and opulent interiors as an element of abundance and creativity. For their brand Misha and Marina wanted to revive this trend as, despite being a part of the grass family, the floral softness and ivory coloring of pampas instantly created a dreaminess that captivated their hearts. It is natural and minimalistic, yet can add a new dimension to a space without overwhelming it. 

A message from Misha and Marina...

“Our vision is about finding unique artisans and home pieces all over the world.”

In 2019, having realised our passions, we put our energies into developing a business that could allow us to share our love of natural home decor and interest in creating minimalistic plant arrangements with others. Once we knew the natural grasses and florals we wanted to work with, our journey continued to find pieces for the home that weren’t made by large factories focused on producing identical homewares in bulk. Rather, ones that captivated us.

We are committed to providing meaningful and personal experiences, with plants and homewares that felt bespoke to the destinations they were made from. We were drawn to craftspeople who created their pieces with great care and thought as to how they would serve the people who used them. 

After finding our circle of passionate team members, local and international artisans across Europe, Australia and here in the US, For Love of Pampas was born.  

We are so proud to do what we do and hope to connect you with natural, simple pieces that bring soul to your space.

35mm Co

Time to get to know us. Ready to speed date? 

Founded in Melbourne, 35mmco was born and bred to capture your adventures. 

From cocktails with the girls to beach days with your dog, our 35mm camera is designed for insta lovers and memory makers alike. Compact and cute you can bring us everywhere and introduce us to all your friends; we always make a good impression!

Think of us as the love child of film enthusiasts and adventure hunters. We’re here to truly make your memories last a lifetime (even the boring ones) with a done for you vintage vibe aesthetic. 

Rumour has it a picture says 1000 words but we think your shots will leave you speechless. 

Happy snapping! 

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